ImagePatti Jo Crockett MGL has just published a very accessible and eminently readable book. A spiritual director and retreat giver for many years, she is especially interested in helping ordinary people to make space in everyday living to attend to God’s loving presence.

ImageThis book aims to help committed Catholics deepen in their spiritual journey. It provides  a simple, highly readable, introduction to the spiritual life.

ImageFr Ken has written this book from his personal experience and presents a vision for consecrated life. His story is engaging and his vision challenging. The book would profit anyone interested in following Jesus in a fully committed way.

hisnameismercy 150In an age of ever increasing litigation we have become highly tuned to the need for justice. But is there room for mercy? In this book Fr Ken Barker argues passionately that without mercy justice will not be complete. He makes a compelling case for mercy through the use of stories about remarkable human beings who, faced with hurt and violence, have chosen to forgive rather than to seek vengeance. He reminds us that mercy is the highest quality in the heart of God, and hence the most liberating attitude for any human heart.

With an engaging blend of scriptural reflection, theological investigation and very personal and human stories of struggle, confusion and journeys in faith, Father Ken Barker has provided his readers with a very real reason to live their lives in hope. Over and over again he shows us that the basis for this hope is Jesus Christ. As Father Barker insists, however, there is a world of difference between knowing about Christ and knowing Christ.

This Scripture prayer journal grew out of a request made by young people looking for a simple structure for daily prayer. It is designed to help them and, indeed, anyone pray with the Scriptures for a continuous period of thirty weeks. It can be used by individuals in their personal prayer time, and also by groups who meet regularly.