Youth and Young Adult Ministry


sisters youngadultministry 300Having a particular focus on sharing God’s love with young people, the MGL Sisters are involved in youth and young adult ministries in many ways.

The Sisters in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney are involved in forming young people in leadership and in the Catholic faith within a Parish context and within the Disciples of Jesus Community youth ministries. Some of this includes co-ordinating fortnightly youth group meetings and camps for teenagers and young adults in which we give talks, make use of drama, lead prayer and facilitate team planning.  We also attend Parish youth groups and gatherings as well as liaising with other youth movements.

Sister's Rosie (Sydney) and Rachel (Melbourne) are currently working in Parishes as Pastoral Associates for Youth.

The MGL Sisters are experienced in presenting and leading short courses, prayer days or weekend retreats across a wide range of subjects including  leadership, prayer, sexuality, Catholicism, scripture, evangelisation, women’s and human dignity, self image, God’s love and much more. The Sisters have been invited by various Dioceses, both locally and interstate, to give talks about these significant topics to young people.

Our Sisters also teach and speak at outreaches organised by the Disciples of Jesus Community, such as the Summer Schools of Evangelisation, Light to the Nations, iStand weekends, the Asia Pacific School of Evangelisation (APSE), the Disciples of Jesus (DOJ) Youth Ministry and, other youth and young adult events within the Community.

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