MGL Sisters: Way of Life

sisters evangelisation 100Having experienced the love of Jesus personally, our mission is to bring that same love to others. We aim to lead people to a personal relationship with Jesus, and to experience a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

lifesisterhood 100Jesus is the centre, the source and the means of our Sisterhood. Our sisterhood is a beautiful gift of the Lord, a mystery which embraces us. It is being with Jesus and in Him with one another. It has intrinsic value in itself and has to be protected from over-commitment to apostolic work.

sisters lifeprayer 100The Missionaries of God’s Love sisters have a vigorous prayer life. Personal prayer is crucial for a life with Jesus. We seek to develop an attitude of continuous prayer in the heart. Silent adoration of Jesus in the reserved Eucharist is highly prized; we are committed to at least one hour of adoration when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed each day.