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The Missionaries experience the Lord consecrating them to Himself. Each sister experiences the Lord choosing, calling, and setting her apart for the kingdom of God. Jesus calls us to be with Him and to share His way of Life. We express our response of love to God through our vows of poverty, chastity and obedience in a lifestyle of prayer, sisterhood and evangelisation. 


The Missionaries seek to have Jesus’ attitude of trust in the Father’s provident care, living in absolute dependence on the Father (Lk 12:22-32). We also seek to be detached from all things and relationships, not storing up treasures on earth (Mt 6:19-21). At the appropriate time in their journey sisters give away all that they own to the poor and follow Jesus in a radical way (Mk 10:17-22). The Missionaries live a simple way of life in regard to food, clothing, house, etc. All that we do have we hold in common. Our poverty enables us to move lightly on the journey, and is lived in a spirit of joyful simplicity, filled with gratitude for the goodness of God who provides so bountifully for us.


The Missionaries embrace celibacy in imitation of Jesus for the sake of the Kingdom of God (Mt 19:12). It is a beautiful gift from the Lord, whereby He captures a sister’s heart, and expands the heart in love for all men and women. This celibate love cannot be contained. It is a love that reaches out to the lost and needy to offer the Good News. It makes the sisters uniquely available to be sent in evangelisation, and enables them to give their undivided attention to the Lord (1 Cor 7:32-35). To fulfil the celibate vocation the Missionaries maintain a deep and strong prayer life. In addition, the way of life of the sisterhood provides an atmosphere of acceptance, sharing, affection, and challenge, bringing a healthy balance to our lives, enabling us to live celibacy joyfully and freely.


Following Jesus, we want to be obedient to the Father’s will in everything (Jn 5:34). We submit ourselves to the way of life of prayer, sisterhood, evangelisation, order and discipline, making it our very own. We seek to discover God’s will for us through communal dialogue, consultation and discernment. Authority is exercised in the spirit of Jesus, as a servant who washes the feet of sisters (Jn 13:1-20). Sisters in authority are meant to listen, dialogue, consult, and facilitate the gifts of others. They are not to "lord it over" anyone (Mk 10:35-45). Often the spirit of obedience requires an individual to give way her own will for the sake of the common good.

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