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Sunday, 13 October 2019 07:00

Mission Snapshot #4: Rosemary beads in custody

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Perhaps the most common phrase I hear throughout my days spent in youth justice is “can I have a necklace?” (or “can I have some rosemary beads?!”). The young people I minister to in custody may not have the right lingo for rosary beads or even understand fully what they are and what they represent, but there is nevertheless a desire to have them.

As they place the white plastic beads around their necks, I have an opportunity to share with them that Jesus is close to them in whatever they are experiencing. One young man recently told me, “I feel different whenever I wear them, so much more peaceful and it is like I stop being scared.” He, and others like him, are open to Jesus in a remarkable way, and I consider it a privilege to walk alongside them as they begin to discover God's merciful love.

Mel Edwards