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Thursday, 10 June 2021 07:00

Questions for God #1

 2021.34.questions for God 1

I've just found the dictate function on my new laptop so I'm starting out by speaking this blog rather than typing it. However, it got me thinking - I wonder how accurate it can be. So far it hasn't managed any punctuation, but it's typed exactly what I've said. I simply gone back and added the punctuation just so it is possible for you to read. And you know what I'm thinking now - just imagine if the words that started to appear on the screen we're not mine, but God's answers to my questions that I have for him at this time. Wouldn't that be incredible? After all, when you choose this function it comes up with a little box that says listening.

I think it is probably true that all of us have questions that we want to ask God, questions that we desire to know the answers to, and sometimes we find it a little bit hard to wait and receive and hear those answers in God's timing. What are the questions that you have for God? Maybe you want to ask him things like this ..

  • What was in your mind when you created me?
  • What do you enjoy about me?
  • Where do you want to meet me in my life right now?
  • What would you like to talk to me about?
  • Who do you say I am?
  • What scripture would you have me read that speaks to my heart right now?

You know it is unlikely that God's going to start typing answer to me to any of these questions. But that does not mean that he does not want to answer them. Journaling is a powerful way to pray, and to get in touch with God's heart for us, with God's answers to the deepest questions burning in our hearts.

Maybe God's inviting you to seek his answer to one of these questions, or one of your own at this time. I invite you to take your journal or a piece of paper and to write your question at the top of the page. Sit in silence with God and then listen for his voice as he speaks the answer to you. Start writing - the important thing is not to think too much but rather just to stay in a heart space with God. allow him to share the secrets of his heart with you.

When you finished writing just continue to sit and ponder, allowing him to highlight the important parts of what you have written - the parts he wants to deepen in you, the parts he wants you to pay attention to. Give it a go and see what he reveals to you. Trust that he loves you and wants to speak to you.

In next week’s blog I will share one of my experiences of this with you.

Mel Edwards