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Friday, 03 September 2021 07:00

Mission Snapshots #1

 2021.52.Mission Snapshots 1 photo 2

Recently Rosie, Fr Steve Fletcher and I were in Townsville to run a retreat called "Given to be Given". We spent the week before promoting the retreat and calling people to know Jesus in a deeper way. Friday night was a youth rally with eighty people attending to be led in some rousing praise and worship led by Rosie. I had the awesome privilege of sharing about the intimate and personal nature of the love of God for each one of us. I drew attention to the Cross in the church "What does it mean? How does this work?"

The Cross is about restoration and our deepest identity is that we are sons and daughters of God. The young people there responded beautifully and queued for the sacrament of reconciliation while others took time to reverence the Cross. The rest of the weekend was exploring the gifts that each person has and being drawn into the ultimate gift of Jesus Christ.  It was a beautiful rich retreat giving fresh insight to those who attended. Special thanks to the Yona Shalom prayer group and Fr John at the Holy Spirit Church and the entire team for a blessed and enriched week.                   

Fiona Shanahan


2021.52.Mission Snapshots 1

I was recently part of an MGL team that joined with the Milton Parish in their parish mission. It was a sacred time of being welcomed into homes and hearts as the community set out to deepen in the theme of “Our Daily Love”. The week began with a twilight retreat and a healing night creating a space to rediscover the wonder of being loved by God. Our weekend of outreach including youth nights, a sports afternoon, art therapy at the community bushfire storytelling space and culminated in a family fun fair at Mollymook Beach. The team spend time in the local schools and nursing homes, buoyed by Fr Michael’s commitment to reach all of his community, not just those present in the church building. The moment that continues to echo for me from the week was accompanying Fr Michael to the local hospital late at night after a long day, to anoint a dying man. A dark despairing room seemed to turn its gaze to the presence of hope that walked in with us, and when we left I knew it wasn’t just the dying man who had been touched. And really, that’s our mission as Church: to carry with us the light and hope of daily love.            Kathryn Kinglsey