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Tuesday, 14 December 2021 10:17

3 truths I found through St Joseph

2021.63 Year of St Joseph

I have an avalanche of praise and intense gratitude to God for St Joseph, a faithful and noble saint who loved Jesus as his own. I met first met him when I was quite young, but was re-introduced by an 85-year old friend this year and found myself drawn to his fatherly care at this stage of my vocation.

I grew up isolated, lonely and always felt invisible, so the gift of knowing St Joseph showed me new truths about fearlessly trusting that God has gifted me with people to keep showing me the truth of who I am. Here are the truths I that I have grown in through St Joseph.

Truth 1: Our Spiritual Adoption is Real

Joseph’s world revolved around his little family. What a joyful privilege to be the second person (the first man) to hold Jesus in his arms! Jesus was Joseph’s consolation in everything. As I recognised my love deficit as an infant, I realised that there are many like me who also long for their parent’s love, faithfulness and simply their presence. Joseph did not merely fulfil a role; he obeyed a call from God so he can be the foster father of God himself.  I moved from bitterness to becoming a better child and thank the Lord for the many parents who raised me. Healing from this opened the door of my heart to allow God to re-parent me and taught me to love others, blood relationship or not.

Truth 2: Self-giving and Genuine Companionship is Possible

Mary & Joseph – I believe they had a genuine companionship worth replicating in all of our relationships. I learned a new meaning of true love from Joseph through his example of being a protector of truth, beauty and goodness. He taught me emotional virtue not just in his example of masculinity and fatherhood for Jesus, but also through his witness to the beautiful harmony between men and women in their communion of love. Though he was likely overwhelmed at first, his stance was simply an awareness of his nothingness in the midst of the goodness of God. This taught me self-giving in a new way, encouraging me to give of myself for a neighbour in need despite my own turmoil. Conflicts are inevitable, but there is always another side to the story and if we listening with our hearts, more life-giving relationships will emerge.

Truth 3: A Heart of Silence grows Humility

Emulating Joseph’s heart of silence is a gift of growing in humility for me. He was very happy to be in the background. He was comfortable loving Mary and allowing her to shine and be the woman God was shaping her to be. Through his faith and intercession, I received a new grace of womanhood. It is a new sense of security flowing from the love of Holy Trinity. I think all women need a Joseph in their lives. I’ve been blessed to have more than one in my faith journey! He taught me to see, know and understand myself the way the Father does.

Angela Uybarreta