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Having experienced the love of Jesus personally, the MGL Sisters’ mission is to bring that same love to others. We aim to lead people to a personal relationship with Jesus, and to experience a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit in their lives.

We have a particular focus on reaching young people with the powerful message of Jesus. We also focus on those groups of people who are unchurched or alienated from the Church in some way.  Our ministries include:

  •     youth ministry - camps and retreats for youth and young adults;
  •     co-ordinating and nurturing youth ministries;
  •     high shool ministry;
  •     prison ministry;
  •     teaching faith formation;
  •     conducting schools of evangelisation in the Asia Pacific;
  •     providing spiritual direction and pastoral care;
  •     working with and alongside indigenous peoples;  and
  •     outreach to people living in government housing.


sisters youngadultministry 100Having a particular focus on sharing God’s love with young people, the MGL Sisters are involved in youth and young adult ministries in many ways.

The Sisters in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney are involved in forming young people in leadership and in the Catholic faith within a Parish context and within the Disciples of Jesus Community youth ministries.

sisters highschoolministry 100One of the ways that the sisters engage with young people is through our High School Ministry. We run and coordinate school retreats and participate in religious education classes when invited. Topics that are covered in these classes included discernment, vocations, religious life, evangelisation topics, culture and faith and sexuality.

sisters faithformation 100We aim to lead people to a personal relationship with Jesus in all that we do, and to experiencing a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Our Sisters have travelled far and wide (including Ballina, Nowra, Sydney, South Australia, Northern Territory as well as locally in Canberra and Melbourne) helping people in their journey of faith

sisters apse 100The Sisters are involved in co-ordinating 3-6 week schools of evangelisation and short-term missions. These schools are designed for young people to be formed in their faith, in their understanding of the Church and develop their leadership skills so that they are able to share the Gospel with other people.

sisters pastoralcare 100An important part of the sister’s ministry is walking with people in their own journey of faith. This is mainly achieved through pastoral care, spiritual direction and retreat work.

Sisters Judy and Patti Jo are both qualified and experienced in spiritual direction. Patti Jo has spiritually directed people across the country and has lead pilgrimages to Italy and Wales. She is especially interested in helping ordinary people to make space in everyday living to attend to God’s loving presence.

sisters indigenous 100Indigenous people have always been in the hearts of the MGL Sisters.

Patti Jo began working with Indigenous people in Melbourne in 1991 and since then we have engaged with Indigenous peoples in many different ways and locations, including Adelaide, Darwin and Melbourne.

sisters grocerydelivery 100One of our most core missions is to care for the poor and marginalised in imitation of Christ.  Often these people are overlooked. We try to bring the love of Jesus to everyone but especially to those who feel marginalised by society and distant from the Church.